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Blog and Make Money Online.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Do you have a bucket of ideas and no platform to showcase them? Were you a good story writer/teller during your school/college days and now feel like you have no one to read your stories?

Why not try blogging? The internet has opened floodgates of avenues to express your ideas and also monetize them. We are always passionate about something or the other in life. Some of us are passionate about sports, some about travel, some about books or may be about investing world and so on and so forth. And when we are passionate about something we try to learn and gather as much information as possible about it. Why not start a blog and share it with our friends and people who may be seeking such information? In this way you will build traffic for your blog and start earning additional income online through your blog by means of affiliate marketing, Ad fees, commissions on the products recommended by you in your blog.

Starting a blog these days is a child’s play. You can start your blog free online with websites like wix, Wordpress etc and start blogging from day one.

Some tips to keep in mind for new Bloggers:-

· Choose a Niche. Avoid being general, write about what you are passionate at.

· Before writing, choose a title for the blog.

· Don’t flatter, keep the post simple.

· Link articles of other bloggers on the topic you are writing.

· Be consistent in your writing. If you are doing one post weekly/monthly, keep the rhythm.

· Keep learning and updating about your chosen niche.

· Keep the end goal in mind when you are blogging. If your motive is to earn money online income, then link your affiliate products pertaining to the content of the blog you are posting.

· Read the post atleast once before publishing.

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