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Create Your Own Videos through Youtube and Earn Income online.

Updated: May 29, 2022

It has been reported that on an average every mobile/cellphone user watches upto 40 minutes of youtube videos per day. This means that there is paradigm shift taking place in the way people use their free time. Why is it so? Earlier we used to watch T.V. in the evenings after our work but now as we carry our cellphone devices everywhere we go, we tend to watch videos on youtube or be on a social media anytime. This is the reason why there is a spike in youtube video viewership as we watch videos on the go.

In earlier times only big companies/brands/institutions had an opportunity to promote their products/films/events/services through ads on T.V. or Newspapers and earn money, as the cost factor was very high for placing ads. But the Information Age through the World Wide Web has opened the floodgates to earn money online and it is open to one and all.

One such money making opportunity in today’s information age is through Youtube videos. Many of us are unaware of the fact that someone somewhere is making money out of us watching a video on Youtube. How does this happen? When we click and watch a video on Youtube, it adds do the number of views for the video and the creator of the video and when we like the video and want to know more or want to watch more of these videos, we subscribe to the channel and we get notified when a new videos is uploaded by the same channel and when we watch it, it adds up to the No. of watch-hours to the original creator of the video. And one can earn money through Youtube when the video views and watch-hours cross a certain threshold set by Youtube.

So if others can make money on your activity on Youtube, Why not you make money online through Youtube? This can be done by starting a Youtube Channel and you create videos of your expertise/Interest Topic and upload it on your Youtube Channel. When you reach the target audience you can earn money.

There are many ways you can make money through Youtube like through Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Selling your services/products etc. The process to setup your own Youtube Channel is simple. You need a Google account for the same. If you don’t have a Googlle Account, you need to create one first. Then using your Google Account you can sign-in to Youtube with Google Id and Password. And once you are in, you can create your own channel and activate your Account. And once the channel is ready, you can shoot your own videos of your expertise subject/topic or of your interest/hobby say cooking, health and beauty, fashion, content marketing or sports and upload the videos to your channel. In this way you become the creator of content instead of a mere consumer.

Once you become a creator/producer on the internet, you start making money online and create passive income.

Before we start anything new, we need to learn about it and then only we can make a gainful use of it.

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