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Earn Extra Income with Online Freelancing.

Updated: May 29, 2022

Freelancing usually means self-employed. Online freelancing is to work through the Internet. Freelancing is a low bearer entry and you can start your work immediately. Freelancing is an excellent source to earn additional income online in your spare time.

In online freelancing you register yourself on freelancing websites such as,, et cetera and put up your profile and skills on the website. You offer your services by bidding on the projects listed on these site. You bid on the projects in the field of your expertise or work you are good at. And if your proposal is selected you will be offered the project/work and once you complete and submit the project to the client you will be paid for the same.

There will always be people looking for experts to get their work done online for lack of time or because of their lack of skill in the particular area and so they hire other people to do the work. Projects/Works available online for freelancers are website building, app building, data entry, virtual assistant, Graphic design, video editing, writing blogs/articles copywriting and many more.

Some tips to keep in mind for online freelancers:-

· It is better to choose a niche you are expert in, to offer your services.

· It is good to develop an attitude of an entrepreneurs rather than that of an employee.

· Do not take whatever is offered, instead research and then select & choose.

· If possible set up a good website where you can showcase your skills and attract traffic in whatever way you can.

· Be consistent in bidding for the project proposals.

· Make your presence on the social media.

· Never give up.

· Keep learning and updating your skills and profile.

If you put in consistent efforts and have a long term outlook in your freelancing gigs, there will come a day when you will earn enough from your online side hustle to cover your bills.

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