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Dropshipping: An Internet Age Store

Updated: May 29, 2022

Like a Physical store of the Industrial Age, Dropshipping is a Virtual Store of the Information Age wherein you can sell products/services without having to worry about warehousing, Inventory, Shipping, handling products et cetera. Here you set up your website of an online store and can start off your business from day one.

To start with Dropshipping, you have to set up your online store website on sites such as shopify. You can also set up a store on E-bay or Amazon. Then you can list products you want to sell from suppliers/manufacturers like AliExpress, WholesaleCentral, Salehoo et cetera to your website/online store by setting you own price for the product. When a customer places an order for the product on your store, you in turn place an order on behalf of your customer to the supplier’s/manufacture’s website by filling in the details of name and address of the customer and the product is directly shipped to the client. You earn your profit by pricing the product on your online store taking into account your profit margin.

Dropshipping is more of marketing than products, wherein you have to target right products to the right customers by attracting traffic to your online store using Social Media, E-Mail Marketing and other advertisement avenues. For this you can use Facebook Ads, Instagram Shout Outs, Instagram Influencers, Google Ads, et cetera.

Some tips to keep in mind for Dropshippers:-

· Select a Niche of products and focus on the same.

· Build a good and user friendly website.

· Dropshipping is more a game of marketing, hence give more focus on marketing.

· Come up with excellent offers.

· In the Initial days of your online business start with 10-20 products only and as you become experienced increase the number.

· Select genuine suppliers.

· Keep learning, keep updated and make maximum use of technology.

· Be consistent in marketing strategies.

· If possible try to automate whatever aspects of your online store as possible.

· Give outstanding service to your customers.

Dropshipping is a wonderful opportunity to make money online but only if you take the first step of starting. So the first step is to start your business and get it going and keep learning on the way and one day you will have a Big Dropshipping Business.

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