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Social Media as Online Marketing Tool in the Information Age

Updated: May 29, 2022

You may hate it, you may love it but you cannot ignore it. This statement is very true for Social Media. Whether you are an individual or a Business, you just can’t ignore Social Media in today’s Information Age.

In our personal life, Social Media is nothing more than likes and shares with which one feels happy when we see the likes in our personal accounts. But for business or brand building, Social Media is more than just likes. For businesses/brands it is a goldmine yet to be discovered. Those who have discovered it, they are raking the mullah and laughing their way to the Bank.

As the usage of Social Media is growing by leaps and bounds it is a good way for building your brand and evolving oneself as an expert in a niche. As an E-Marketing strategy one can use Social Media in two ways: One is for Brand building of your business or chosen niche or you can make a career out of it wherein you take up a job, may be in the Digital Marketing Company itself or other Industries who require an expert to take care of their social media strategy. No Business or brand can ignore Social Media Today. The harvest is rich but the labourers are few meaning there are many opportunities but there is a lack of talent and those who have got the talent are reaping great rewards. Social Media is providing new career opportunities in today’s Digital Economy.

For a job title Social Media Manager in the corporate world you have to first learn by yourself or join online courses at teachable or courser, udemy. This e-courses offer n number of courses in Social Media Marketing. So also if you are willing to take up a niche and build your own brand, you first have to learn then earn.

From a brand perspective you may see social media as means to attract traffic to your website and start building your own followers or fans. This can be done by optin page placed in the content you put on your social media pages. You have to offer the visitors good content and lead them to your site because you don’t own your followers on the Social Media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram et cetera. These followers are owned by these channels. So treat social media as your fishing strategy to attract traffic to your website.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1. Don’t be a jack of all and master of none. Be an expert in one niche.

2. Find out where your target audience is and put yourself in front of them.

3. You may start your own private group of your niche on Facebook, twitter et cetera.

4. Put out more of visual content like images and videos because this is the trend today.

5. Put out different content on different platforms, what works on Facebook may not work on Twitter.

Building a brand on Social Media is not that easy but if work hard and post valuable content consistently and keep learning, you will get excellent results.

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