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Review Products and Earn affiliate Income Online.

Updated: May 29, 2022

One of the simplest ways to begin Affiliate Marketing and earn money online is through Product Reviews. Product Reviews could be a Book Review, a Gadget Review, a Game Review, an E-Course Review, Website or an App Review or anything which you are capable of explaining the pros and cons of to your followers and for which you have an affiliation to, so that you can make money if your followers purchase the product through your link. Because in the end we are doing affiliate marketing to add extra bucks to our income and not just for the sake of reviewing the product.

The broad items to include in the product review post could be: The details of the product and its creator, brief overview of the product, merits and de-merits of the product, reason for you liking the product and your final take on the product.

Say if you are reviewing a book you need to follow the following steps:

(i) Give an Overview of the Book:- Write something compelling about the book and its core message.

(ii) Tell about the Writer of the Book: Give details regarding the author who wrote the book. Find out about what the types of books he/she writes and give a description here. May be you can add some of his/her famous quotes. If he/she is a best selling author then mention it here.

(iii) Give a Brief of the highlights in the Book: Give a trailer type highlights of the book the book, what major topics it covers.

(iv) The Pros and Cons of the Book: Describe what value the book provides and if you think so what you expected but is missing in the book.

(v) Why your followers should buy the book: Give your clear opinion whether your followers should purchase the book or otherwise and lead them to the source to buy the book by putting in an affiliate link.

(vi) Your Final Say about the Book: Re-state your final opinion on the book, what value it could add to your followers and lead them to the source for buying the book like amazon, by asking them to look inside the preview of the book, may be on amazon or Google reads(Of course you need to put your affiliate link so that you get the benefit if your followers purchase the book).

Now that you have learnt how to review a product , why not take some action and start earning money online.

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