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Email Marketing as a Strategy for Digital Marketing

Updated: May 29, 2022

E-Mail Marketing is a process of sending messages that are commercial in nature to individuals, groups, companies et cetera. It is a permission based marketing. It is one of the means of promoting your brand and acquiring leads and prospects.

Every Digital Marketer in one way or the other needs to do Email Marketing. It is a very powerful E-Marketing strategy wherein you send mails to prospects and convert them into customers. It is slow but effective online marketing strategy.

The followers you have on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest et cetera are just your followers. You don’t own them, but you own your email list. It is said in the Digital World that the money is in the list.

If Money is in the list then how do you build your email list? To start with you have to sign up with an Email Marketing Service providers like Aweber, Getresponse, Sendinblue and money more. Some are free to join and some give a free trial for some days and then you have to update to a paid version. Once you sign up with an Email Marketing Service provider you need to create an optin page and place it in your social media pages to attract visitors to give their Email by providing a freebie. This freebies are known as lead magnets which can be in the form of short E-book, a checklist, cheatsheet, a report et cetera.

When the visitor fills in the details like name and email Id in the optin page and submits it,you send a freebie to the Email or the visitor can download the same instantly. And thus you start building a list.

Once you have built your list, you can start sending promotional, informational or Educational mails to your subscribers as a part of Email marketing strategy. With the help of an Autoresponder which is a part of your Email Marketing Service you can automate your Email Marketing.

Some tips to keep in mind:

1. Avoid being a spammer.

2. The language and tone to be used in the email should be that of a friend.

3. Create a campaign for your email marketing.

4. Choose a frequency to send mails like weekly, fortnightly et cetera and send mails on consistent basis.

5. Understand your subscribers and send regularly content mails.

6. The subjectline of the mail should be catchy to increase the open rate.

Since the money is in the list, why not start building your Email list!

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